Company Secretarial Services

Batian Registrars has a leading role in providing company secretarial services

These are some of the company secretarial services we offer among others:-

  • Incorporation of new companies and registration of Business Names for sole proprietorship and partnership
  • Completion and submission of the Annual Return to the Registrar of Companies,
  • Application and acquiring of CR12 on behalf of our clients
  • Issuing of notices for all company meetings in accordance with Articles of Association and Companies Act,
  • Preparation of minutes of Board meetings including the one of approving the annual accounts,
  • The use of our offices as the registered office of the company or the place where the statutory books are kept,
  • Advise the Board on matters related to change of Directors, change of registered office, change of company’s name etc.,
  • Guide the Board on procedures to be followed for foreign investments in/by the company,
  • Alteration to the Memorandum and Articles of Association,
  • Restructuring of share capital,
  • Offering guidance on various requirements of incorporating a company and handling the necessary paper work,
  • Carrying out company searches from information held by the Registrar of Companies and advise on the company’s records held in the registry,
  • Assist in registration of business names and trademarks,
  • Assist in having the company struck off from the register held by the Registrar of Companies, and
  • Other matters pertaining to the corporate performance of a company